Monday, July 9, 2012

flower monday

I should just make this a feature for the summer, hey? Besides, it's too hot to think of blog stuff... uh post thingies and craft whatchamacallits and I can't even believe I'm freaking baking bread right now. But Idle Husband is in love with ciabatta this season and I really wanted to try this recipe so I finally got around to making the starter yesterday and it can't sit around for more than a day. (Note to self: purchase bread for the rest of the summer or live on flat bread cuz you grill that shitz). 

Also the computer is upstairs and upstairs is the temperature equivalent of hell and I don't know how to fix that. I keep the windows open at night to suck in the cool night air. I close them and the curtains during the day. And yet my glasses are still sliding down my sweaty nose from the exertion of just sitting here. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking 'ceiling fan' but that's almost my worst nightmare after being too hot.

These are some peonies mom brought me a week ago. Even though the opened flowers are now long spent, the buds have opened so I'm getting another week out of them. I love how peonies do that. Also mixed in some lamb's ears because that junk is like a weed and it lasts f o r e v e r in a vase (and I love that green/silver colour with pink).


erika edith said...

What lovely flowers. Peionies are my favorite - well until something else blooms, then that is my favorite too.

And I agree that this weather makes to it too hot to think about anything espeically work! Good luck staying cool :)

Lauren Hairston said...

I just adore double peonies. These are gorgeous.

The temperatures here this week are only in the nineties--we're having a bit of a respite from the triple digits. It's hot even with central air conditioning. Boo.