Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DIY: chocolate bar wrappers

This is mostly just to give you some ideas for easy chocolate bar wraps. It's not really a DIY because what could be more simple than rewrapping a chocolate bar? There's just about zero effort involved, but the cuteness factor is pretty huge.

I started with Caramilk bars because they were the only chocolate bars I could find that had a removable wrapper. I thought there'd be more variety in this area but apparently not (not like I'm bemoaning Caramilk! That bar is kinda tops on our list!). If you can't find chocolate bars with a removable sleeve, don't worry. I would take off the offending wrapper and wrap the chocolate lightly in aluminum foil, parchment paper, or waxed paper and then decorate. Any of these options would look just as pretty and it's a quick solution to an annoying problem.

Remember all the hearts I cut out earlier? Well, I kept the pieces of paper (cuz that's what I do. I'm a paper hoarder), trimmed up the edges to straighten them, and wrapped them around a bar.

I thought it looked nice with the gold foil, but you could also make a quick sleeve from coloured or patterned tissue paper and then top it with the heart cut outs.

To make a sleeve, choose your paper, then use the original sleeve as a guide and trace around it and cut it out.

Gently bend the paper and crease it around the chocolate bar then glue the ends together. Don't wrap it too tightly or it'll be difficult to remove later. For the eating. You have to ensure easy access to eating.

I also found this package of cute Valentine's tape at Superstore for $2! I thought that was a pretty good deal for five rolls of tape plus I can definitely use it throughout the year (hello polka dots!) And just so you know, this tape isn't washi tape, it's plastic.

But look at how cute it is! Gah.

You can use the tape to embellish the wrapper however you want. And if you're one of the lucky ones you've got some washi tape, consider using it. It doesn't have to be pink with hearts. Just know that as soon as it goes on, it's not coming off! You will rip the foil.

That's it! Pretty easy stuff, right? It's just another Valentine's day option that anyone can pull off with limited time and supplies.