Friday, May 13, 2011

friday fixations

{popcorn popping} I'm completely fixated on making popcorn lately, so I guess it makes sense that I'm drawn to this video. It looks as if this popcorn kernel is jumping for joy, doesn't it?

{cinemagraphs} You know how much I love gifs, right? Well, From Me To You has the most amazing gifs ever. Like, better than anything I've ever seen. I keep slowly scrolling through her blog staring at every photo searching for a hint of movement. When I find one, I stare at for far too long. Who would have ever thought that a skirt blowing in the breeze could be so captivating. Here's one of my favourites; although, honestly, I really love them all.

{mystery photographer} These are so inspiring and the black and white is (as usual) perfect.

{lost} Ok so we're a little late to this party, but for those of you who watched it on tv as it happened, HOW THE HELL DID YOU MANAGE?! It would have been agonizing! The commercials, THE WEEK-LONG BREAK BETWEEN SHOWS! I'm SO glad neither of us got into it when it first aired. This is the type of series that's better left to DVDs because you'll blow through a whole disc every. single. day.

{the danny/gwyneth project} This is the same idea as Julie and Julia only far more entertaining and snarky. Danny's cooking his way through Gwyneth Paltrow's new cookbook, My Father's Daughter and he's not shy when it comes to expressing how he feels about it.

{the future} The strange is always more appealing, isn't it? I would like very much to see this.
"Can I take your coat?"
"It's, um, kinda part of my... outfit..."
Totally been there.


Lindsey @ Hot Polka Dot said...

Ok wow cinemagraphs! I have never seen anything like that? How is it done? Kind of reminds me of the paintings that come to life in the movie Frida.

And yeah, Lost was a huge addiction for me too. I would watch them in spurts every few months just so I could watch a few at a time. I hate commercials and I hate waiting!

The Future looks so cute! I want to see it too!

Deborah said...

This is such a cool post - did you see the movie You Me and Everyone Else? This trailer gave me goosebumps.

GALaxy said...

Lindsey: I'm so glad I didn't hear about Lost when it first started. It would have been (self-inflicted) torture! I was trying to find how-tos for the cinemagraphs and as far as I can tell they work the same as gif, only they use stills from a piece of video. And the more movement, the more time it takes to produce it. I couldn't find a good enough DIY for me to figure it out for myself unfortunately!

TCFO: I don't think I saw that one. I'll have to look into it. I'm developing a girl-crush on Miranda July.