Friday, August 23, 2013

friday fixations

{fabric birds} These are the most amazing works of art.

{cat marshmallows} Yes, I'll have a tray of these for my hot chocolate this winter, please.

{candid photos of lions} I think my favourite is the one of them in the rain.

{flower pot art} How awesome is this?

{"tuna" salad} This appeals to me because sometimes I think about mercury. A lot.

{beyond black and yellow} Great article about the lesser known species of bees. This gives me more reason to get on that solitary bee house I've been thinking about making for a year now.

{watermelon agua fresca} This seems to me to be a good use of watermelon.


{lullatone} Just a little song that I kinda think is the best song (and video) for the last (official) summer weekend of the year. Make your weekend count, September's in the headlights.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

august break recap

20: taste
I finally got some groceries today so we don't have to starve between meals anymore.

19: white
You can find these guys in the parking lot at the WEM Target, upstairs. (Also are you as super disappointed in Target as I am? There's not a thing in there that interests me.)

18: looking down
This is on the sidewalk in our subdivision. It kinda struck me as a weird place for this sort of graffiti since that area is pretty new. 

I skipped #17: touch because nothing came up that whole day that I thought would make a good touch picture (also I think 'touch' is kind of a difficult photo prompt to begin with).

16: floral
Paper flowers I spotted in a store.

15: books
We walked through Lethbridge University since Idle Husband wanted to see where I went to school, so this is their library.

14: stillness
We'd just been driving for hours back into Alberta and stopped for lunch. It was nice to be sitting still.

13: home (or home away from home in our case)
Our hotel pool in which we spent a lot of time because it was almost always empty save for 2 or 3 people at a time. When we got to our next hotel, we learned a really good lesson about hotel pools. Always book a hotel WITHOUT a waterslide. Waterslides = a bajillion kids from the time it opens till the time it closes. (Needless to say, we did not do any swimming at the second hotel which seriously bummed us out. We thought it would look a little weird being the only people in the pool without kids or at the very least a baby. We'd look a little molesty or something, right? I'm sure we made the right call. And besides, PEE.)

12: far away
Some B.C. mountains (or maybe we were still in Alberta, who can ever tell?).

11: play
Idle Husband's Greek chess set.

We've just returned from our mini vacation, but I enjoy taking and posting these photos on Instagram and twitter a lot more than uploading them here one at a time. So if you'd like to see the photos as they happen, follow me on twitter or instagram. Otherwise, I think I'll just post recaps once or twice a week.

The August Break 2013

Saturday, August 10, 2013


10: red

Just a bunch of red stuff, obviously! I did some photos like these before in a bunch of different colours here (my wonder woman pez dispenser turns up in those, too).

09: taste

These are some granola bars I whipped up yesterday. They're actually more like healthier cookies than what I would consider a granola bar. They're good all the same, plus it gave me a good use for my home-dried cherries. Anyway, I made them, I had the picture, and then I totally forgot to post it. So my bad on that one!

08: a selfie

I don't like taking pictures of myself so this is probably the best you'll get here.

07: skyline

Admittedly, I cheated with this one. Wednesday it rained off and on, and I didn't really want to have just a picture of a bunch of house rooftops and grey sky that I took through a window. I snapped this one initially for yellow but ended up using another one instead.

The August Break 2013

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


06: diagonals
just one of (too) many driftwood pieces in my home

I decided to take my weekend and holiday photos through Instagram. So just in case you missed the August Break pictures from this long weekend, here they are again:

 03. yellow
fabric samples at Crate and Barrel

04. love
Hermes. More his love of his mirror than me of him.

05. close up
An accidental photo at a jewelry counter. I was taking a picture of a bracelet I wanted to copy, but a slip of the thumb produced this instead.

If you're on Instagram, you might want to follow me if you're not already. We've got a vacation coming up, so I'll be posting primarily over there. If you're not on Instagram, don't worry! I'll be sure to do a recap when I'm back in front of my main computer!

The August Break 2013

Friday, August 2, 2013


Beaded coasters I bought on clearance at Urban Outfitters a number of years ago. They're wall art now.

The August Break 2013

Thursday, August 1, 2013


 I'm on a raisin kick these days. Raisin bran; homemade whole wheat cinnamon raisin bread.

breakfast clematis

The August Break 2013

august desktop

Naturally, I would never forget about the desktop for August! I still feel badly about cutting off all of my hoya's flowers, so I decided to pay homage to them this month. Yesterday, I decided to cut off all the rest of the buds in one sweep. It's much better than waiting for them to open and smelling them at an inopportune time (like at 3 a.m.).

They look like little pink stars, though, right?

iphone/ipod: lockscreen; homescreen