Saturday, August 10, 2013


10: red

Just a bunch of red stuff, obviously! I did some photos like these before in a bunch of different colours here (my wonder woman pez dispenser turns up in those, too).

09: taste

These are some granola bars I whipped up yesterday. They're actually more like healthier cookies than what I would consider a granola bar. They're good all the same, plus it gave me a good use for my home-dried cherries. Anyway, I made them, I had the picture, and then I totally forgot to post it. So my bad on that one!

08: a selfie

I don't like taking pictures of myself so this is probably the best you'll get here.

07: skyline

Admittedly, I cheated with this one. Wednesday it rained off and on, and I didn't really want to have just a picture of a bunch of house rooftops and grey sky that I took through a window. I snapped this one initially for yellow but ended up using another one instead.

The August Break 2013

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