Friday, June 24, 2011

bridge mixture and the giveaway winners!

Have you ever had bridge mixture? I had a hankering for some licorice allsorts the other day and in an effort to find some, I came across Bridge Mixture instead.

The two have nothing in common at all. My craving flip-flopped.

So Bridge Mixture! I totally forgot about you! It's so great cuz it's a mixed bag of anything that tastes great when covered in chocolate.

You can get raisins, peanuts, gummies (my favourite), mints, other weird stuff I don't remember (and every box is different). Whatever you get, it's gonna be covered in chocolate so that means it's automatically delicious.

Anyway, it's such a weirdly named candy for kids to want, isn't it? It immediately makes me think of a bunch of grannies sitting around playing bridge while eating Bridge Mixture. But if we saw it at the store, we'd always get it, so I had to have it this time for nostalgia.

Now, on to the friendship bracelet winners! As if you need telling! Here's a fun story, though. Idle Husband thought it would still be completely sensical (and particularly hilarious) if he drew names, increasing Lindsey's chance of winning nine whole bracelets exponentially. So I had to sit him down and gently explain to him that I did not think that would be hilarious at all.

{winner winner}
{LaelShine} Favourite colours..Hmmm, blue, purple and copper.
{Lindsey @ Hot Polka Dot} My three favourite colours are yellow, turquoise and grey and I love that chevron pattern!

 I'm already working on them!


Lindsey @ Hot Polka Dot said...

Yay me! I'm excited! I'm going to make you one too because what else are friendship bracelets for if not to exchange? Nine would have been good too, haha!

Tricky Nag said...

Bridge Mixture!! I haven't thought of that in ages. My grandma always seemed to have a bowl of it out on her coffee table. It was the one candy none of the grandkids touched because there was never a guarantee of getting something good.

GALaxy said...

Lindsey: Awww really?! It's been so long since I received a friendship bracelet! I love the colours you chose for yours. I'm having a hard time starting since I can make so many different combinations with them!

Tricky Nag: That's so crazy! Bridge Mixture was something my cousins and I would actually purchase ourselves from the corner store when we were visiting our gram! But when I think about it, when sweets and treats were involved, none of us were very picky with what we got as long as we all got something! ;)

Lindsey @ Hot Polka Dot said...

I think I'm more excited about giving you a bracelet than I am about getting one from you. That's the fun part! Speaking of which, what colours would you like?

GALaxy said...

Oh! I don't know! I'm really liking the bright neon-like colours lately, but I trust your judgment, so go with what looks good to you.

Jane said...

Love Bridge Mixture - especially the chocolate covered jellies :)