Friday, June 3, 2011

friday fixations

{this movie} (I don't want to spoil the trailer for you with the name of the movie!) I think I'd love to see this. No; I know I would.

{white cheddar rice cakes}  If I could make them myself, I totally would. I need to research that. And actually, I really love all of the flavours, cheddar just happens to be at the top of the list right now. Rice cakes are winning!

{sun hats} If I could find one that would fit my big dumb head. Who's idea was this stupid one-size-fits-all in the hat category? There's not a single one I try that doesn't immediately pinch off the top of my head (and this is why I'm a huge fan of tuques. Why aren't there any summer tuques?). I realized that my being completely exhausted, dizzy, and headachey all evening was because I'd been out in the sun, so finding a hat has turned into a very important mission. I really love this DIY t-shirt hat, but I don't think my sewing skills are good enough to pull it off.

{coconut lime sunscreen} The worst sunburn I ever got was a few years ago at the highland games. It was completely avoidable and completely all my fault (damn my politeness). That burn showed up every time I was in the shower for over two years (and it still resurfaces some days), so I've become really dedicated to protecting my skin as much as I can (especially since I burn, not tan). I'd been eyeing this yummy sounding sunscreen for a while and when it finally went on sale, I had to try it. I really love the smell, it goes on easily, and it dries in an instant. I can fault the spray nozzle which sometimes drips and sprays in weird directions, but I've been spraying it into my hands and rubbing it on that way instead. Life brand also has it in pomegranate. I wonder if it's just as delicious. I definitely battled the choice, but the coconut lime is so nice, it's my new perfume! You can find it at Shopper's Drug Mart.

{avon skin so soft} With all the mosquitoes lately, I went about looking for a solution other than DEET-based repellents. I don't want to have to apply poison to my arms and face every day just to have an enjoyable walk. I heard about two different non-poison repellents. Someone mentioned that if you spray Listerine around or rub it on your arms, mosquitoes stay back. I tested it and it failed (and then I felt stupid for having rubbed Listerine all over my face). Then I heard that Skin So Soft will work (I have it in bath oil form). Now, it's not 100% as effective as DEET repellents, but it actually does a pretty awesome job at keeping most of them away. Plus it actually smells nice and moisturizes, too.

{flourless peanut butter cookies} I must have a thing for peanut butter right now, cuz I keep making these in different incarnations (this is the recipe I always use). Thumbprinted with jam in the centre is classic, but I've also rolled them in cocoa and cinnamon (this tasted ok, but I won't do it again. Too messy after baking), tried them with the last of the chocolate peanut butter, and put a dollup of nutella in the centre. They're just so good. And DO NOT tell me they're bad for me. I'm using low-fat peanut butter and there's no flour or butter. These are healthy, damn it!

{ipod} Ugh. I swore it would never come to this, but I finally broke down and ordered the new iPod Touch through Airmiles. I can't believe myself. It's just... it's just kinda handy to have everything in one device instead of carrying around little slips of paper with random lists and notes (and subsequently trying to find them in my humongous purse and oh wait, it might be in my other purse since I switched purses three days ago), a calculator, my mp3, and a camera. Idle Husband has the older version of the iPod Touch and the camera is really the only reason I've ordered the new one. When I'm out walking, I only want to carry two things: something that plays music and my keys. And then I spot goslings and I haven't got anything to document it. That's when I finally caved. I mean, come on. If I'm not going to have a cell phone, I should at least have this. Besides, I'll have all sorts of great games for when I'm bored in a waiting room and apps that are super handy (have you ever used Grocery IQ? Makes shopping a breeze. And guess who's getting Instagram, perhaps Foodspotting, and definitely Pinterest! -- got any other good apps to recommend?). The very best part is that it'll be all mine, so I'll be able to find it in the house within 5 minutes AND it'll still be charged! Now. When are we going to be living in an age with Wi-Fi everywhere we go?


Laeli said...

I make those PB cookies but I put a Kiss in the centre of mine,yummy and pretty too. Nutella would kick ass I'd bet! And hey, because its my birthday month, there are NO calories in Lune, none. Not for anyone who knows me, so enjoy your cookies!

I love that hat idea but yep, it looks complicated. I have a big noggin too. My hair must be thinnning because my keep keeps getting burnt way more than it used too. I look like such a dork in hats.

Lindsey @ Hot Polka Dot said...

Yay you got an iPod! You might think you've sold out now but you're going to love it! Oh and make sure to get the shopping list and wunderlist apps. These two make my life soooooo much easier.

GALaxy said...

LaelShine: A kiss in the centre sounds like it would be so yummy! I'll have to try that one of these days. Now that I know for sure there aren't any calories in them! ;)

Lindsey: I've never heard of the wunderlist apps before. I'll have to look into it. Thanks for the suggestion!