Friday, August 23, 2013

friday fixations

{fabric birds} These are the most amazing works of art.

{cat marshmallows} Yes, I'll have a tray of these for my hot chocolate this winter, please.

{candid photos of lions} I think my favourite is the one of them in the rain.

{flower pot art} How awesome is this?

{"tuna" salad} This appeals to me because sometimes I think about mercury. A lot.

{beyond black and yellow} Great article about the lesser known species of bees. This gives me more reason to get on that solitary bee house I've been thinking about making for a year now.

{watermelon agua fresca} This seems to me to be a good use of watermelon.


{lullatone} Just a little song that I kinda think is the best song (and video) for the last (official) summer weekend of the year. Make your weekend count, September's in the headlights.

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