Sunday, September 1, 2013

august break finale

31: smile

Got a bouquet of flowers and how does that not make anyone smile?

30: sign

A sign that the Greek parents have arrived. More Greek food in the house. These cans of oil kind of shocked me when they were revealed out of their wooden crate. I don't know why I thought they would arrive in tiny artisan bottles when all I've ever seen olive oil in in Greece are huge knee-high gasoline-style cans.

29: your fave thing

Mini nutellas (single servings?).

28: smell

Movie theatre popcorn.

27: number

Just some fridge magnet numbers.

26: YES

Spotted what looks like a chokecherry bush on my walk in the morning. I'd like to pick it clean for jam if it is.

25: Sunday morning

Mom gave me a huge zucchini so what better way to use it than to put it in a chocolate zucchini cake. I need to find a better recipe, though.

24: hear

I originally did a little video of bird talking but it wouldn't upload, so I got a picture of my flute instead. I should really sell it. It makes me sad when things aren't getting used the way they should be.

23: sacred

I've had this smiling Buddha since high school.

22. midday

It's kinda hard to see but there's a huge spider hanging there. Our yard has been completely over-run by spiders this year. Big huge brown and white ones about the size of a loonie or twonnie. Other than the odd one making a web in a door or walkway, we haven't really been bothered by them. This one's been living above our garage door all summer, not bothering us at all, but then she suddenly decided to change the angle of her web which required her to put long support threads attached to the pavement in front of the door. We relocated her to the back of the garage.

21: something old

Just a pic of my gram on a motorbike. No biggie.

And that's the end of the August break!

The August Break 2013

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