Friday, September 6, 2013

friday fixations

{finland} We're going on another mini vacation to Helsinki! I know Finland's kind of a weird choice, but it just worked out that way (for professional reasons, mostly). I'll be sure to have some pictures for you when we get back because, if you're anything like me, you're totally wondering what the heck Finland's all about, too.

{oamui} You should know by now that I love me a good gif. I love the dancing polar bear.

{rachelryle} I must be on an animation kick cuz these are amazing and so so cute, too!

{fore-edge paintings} As if old books couldn't get more beautiful, I find out about these.

{fat but fit} I've always thought that BMI was a stupid way to measure someone's fitness since it doesn't take into account anything other than height and age. There are so many other factors that go into a person being healthy or not healthy, and it's about time the medical community started looking towards finding a better method.

{peas and carrots} Specifically, Greek mom's peas and carrots. I'm just going to assume that it's mostly the salt and home-pressed olive oil that make these super delicious because that's usually all there is to Greek cooking. Nevertheless, I still have to get the recipe cuz questions concerning what should we have for dinner since having them have been answered (in my mind) with, "just a big bowl of peas and carrots is fine for me, actually." And rice. Yes. The rice was delicious, too.

{budgie eating things} Hermes' big thing now is to insist on getting to sample whatever it is I'm eating. It's become some sort of a parlor trick as everyone has to see what new thing he's decided he really needs to taste (this morning's treat? Some Caprice). And don't worry about his health. I don't think he's really eating much of the stuff. Just crumbling it off in his beak. But I could be wrong because the foods that particularly interest him seem to make him stop everything he was doing and immediately eat a bunch of seeds soon after his little taste.

{cereal boxes} At first I thought these were a really awesome art project that I would totally consider purchasing. Like, have a few of these on a wall in the kitchen, so neat! And then I saw the price tag and thought, WTF! Are they out of their friggin' minds?! Is this some sort of joke?! So now this totally counts as the easiest and cheapest DIY you'll ever do for yourself ever. Plus you can use the cereal that YOU love the most AND you'll have a bunch of whole boxes leftover afterwards for snackin' (definitely less than their price tag). (Also, because they pissed me off so much with their ridiculous pricing, can I say that each "specimen" box's cereals make ABSOLUTELY no sense together at all?! If you're going to have raisin bran, grape nuts, and shredded wheat in a box, don't put fruit loops, fruity pebbles, lucky charms, etc all the other kid-friendly cereals in there, too. I have to assume they have very limited cereal choices which is weird cuz we have whole cereal aisles here. There's definitely more cereal to choose from than just those types and definitely enough adult cereal vs kid cereal to do boxes of each variety. I just realized I've talked too much about cereal. I guess I'm pretty passionate about it. Or maybe it's the pricing injustice -- and no discernible reason for such a price -- that's got me all wound up.)

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