Wednesday, August 22, 2012

DIY: colour-blocked earrings

One of my insane talents is finding amazing earrings at thrift stores. I guess it's not really a talent, but I always find earrings that don't seem that amazing to anyone else until they see me wearing them. Then those "yeah, I guess they're all right" *shrug* earrings I showed off to whomever I shopped with turns into "OMG! Where did you get those earrings?!"

But the other day, I saw the most amazing colour blocked hoops with the perfect shade of pink and, for some dumb reason, I scoffed at the price and left them. I don't know where my brain was. I'm still kicking myself about it, but I happened to have a pair of simple silver hoops that I have never worn, so I decided to colour block them myself with a little pink nail polish.

Super easy!

Grab some painters tape, nail polish colour of your choice, and get to work!

Tape off the sections on your earrings. I cut the tape to equal widths and I lined up the tape lines on both earrings so they stay a matching pair. Make sure that the tape is pressed down along the edges really well.

Paint on the nail polish. I needed two coats and I found it best to heavily apply the paint. Just make sure it dries completely between additions.

Peel off the tape and wear! (There was some smudging and bleeding when I took my tape off, but the nail polish scrapes off really easily with a finger nail so it's not hard to fix that up at all.)

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