Friday, November 16, 2012

friday fixations

{my pf flyers} I found these awesome sneaks at the thrift store for $10 and didn't really think much of them except that I loved the colour (burgundy is my new favourite colour, fyi), they're leather (winter perfect!) and they're comfy as hell (plus the heel is a little lower, so I can leave them laced and still slip them on). And then, after many weeks, I finally got around to looking up the brand and discovered that I scored a major deal when I found them, so now I'm extra pleased with them (and myself). But I do have to say (again) how friggin' comfy they are. I wore a pair of my old shoes after wearing these for a week and my feet were killing me within an hour. How was I walking around without these?!

{spoonflower} I thought they were amazing for making your own fabric designs (not like I have, but I'm happy to know I could), but now they have design your own wallpaper and wall decals?! How great is that? Plus if you're not artistic, there are plenty of other handmade designs from artists to choose from that I guarantee you won't find anywhere else!

{pictures of claire danes crying} I knew I wasn't the only one who finds her crying disturbing.

{krisatomic's christmas gift guide} This is totally how gift guides are every. single. year! (That doesn't keep me from being obsessed with them, though.)

{dehydrating} I think I mentioned my dehydrator before, but I just have to mention it again. I made the most crispy apple chips in it the other day, and I dehydrated some tomatoes which, at first, I didn't think amounted to much, but after plumping them in hot water, I realized they were the most amazing concentrated tomato bits I had ever tasted and are p e r f e c t on pizza.  What I'm currently contemplating on drying is some kale (as in kale chips that are dried instead of baked) and I kinda wanna try making some pumpkin pie fruit leather with my pumpkin puree. Also mom spotted beet chips in a mag and went gaga for them which I immediately thought would be a great Christmas foodie gift. If you see a dehydrator on the cheap... you know, maybe you should get it.

{freaks and geeks} I just finished watching its ONE season and I'm so bummed it's over! It reminded me how awful high school is (and makes me wish I had done things differently) plus I kinda enjoyed seeing some of today's actors as their younger selves (Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jason Segel, Busy Philips, Lizzy Caplan -- Ben Stiller cameo?!). I need a new Netflix series. Got any suggestions?

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Laeli said...

I had a dehydrator..brand new, given to me by my mother in law but I never used it so I gave it away and promptly discovered raw food...grrrr! I had the dumb:P