Tuesday, October 1, 2013

october desktop

Remember our vacation to Helsinki? Well, you probably figured it was a little odd that we up and went to Finland for the weekend (of all places), but we had a good reason. Idle Husband had a job interview and it went really well...

And are you getting where this is going?

We're moving to Helsinki!

That's a little bit of the reason why I've been so quiet on here for so long. We've been doing so much thinking and talking and discussing everything involved with something like this. We came to the (natural) conclusion that it's not a death sentence and other than the fact that we have a lot of stuff to do and decide about before we go (I have a LOT of stuff to sell or get rid of), the whole thing will be a really great learning and growing opportunity for both of us (and honestly, the idea of a super fresh start really appeals to me).

So in the new year, expect more pictures and crafts Helsinki related!

To celebrate, the desktop this month is one of the little pictures I took in Helsinki (but I'll probably make up a Halloween-style desktop later in the month just cuz that's usually my primary method of getting into the spirit of fall).


Elizabeth Wheeler said...

Hi Kristin,

Hope you are well! I tried contacting you via email and my message was returned - is the email on your "about" page still current? Many thanks, Elizabeth

GALaxy said...

Oh no! Sorry about that, Elizabeth. I guess when changing it I forgot to change it there. If you still want to get in touch, email me here:
email.idle.wife (at) gmail.com