Friday, January 24, 2014

friday fixations

{the pretty one} This movie looks so interesting (plus it has my favourite New Girl guy). I really have to remember to see it! (Yes. I forget to see movies. It's a problem.)

{procatinator} You need another silly cat website. This one pairs gifs with music and some of the outcomes are really entertaining.

{tina} I love everything about this gif of one of my favourite cartoon characters.

{mushroom soup} Specifically, this recipe. It was easy and pretty much the best homemade mushroom soup I've ever had (which is saying a lot since I've only ever had MY attempts at homemade mushroom soup).

{wide leg pants} Currently, I can only dream about fashion, but I'm starting to really get into this vibe of wearing proper pants and button down shirts (and less jeans/t-shirts uniforms). I just extra love these wide leg pants right now, but I also had a pair of skinny maternity pants I was really sad to part with when I grew too large for them.

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