Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Idle Musings

I'm getting new doors installed today. The old ones were letting in the snow -- no joke. So part of that (rather expensive) deal was that we had to have a set of new locks sitting and waiting in case they couldn't use the old ones. Now I find out that they prefer to use new locks because "there's always a problem after the installation" if they use the old ones. This I don't get at all. Having installed more than my fair share of door locks, I find this preposterous. I have honestly made every single lock work in every door I've tried. The only exception being the fancy full handled door lock I tried to replace when we first moved into this house. I couldn't get the bottom holding screw to match up with the old hole and I wasn't about to drill a new hole millimeters above the old one (though I'm sure I could have if I really wanted to).
Is installing any door lock a minor headache, why yes, yes, it is. Is it impossible for me? NOPE. Is it impossible for the so-called experts? Apparently. I did my best to sway him, I honestly did, but I'm past the point of no return.
I'm off to continue my calming chants now -- ommmmm ommmmm

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