Friday, August 28, 2009

I finally organized my spice rack, and I'm on cloud 9

me -- (very excited) Look. Look, come see. Did you see? Did you notice this? At first I wasn't sure if the bottles had dried, but they did. The caps were a little wet still, but I just dried them up and so I was so excited I got to fill them up today! me -- Did you notice it? Did you look at how clean and cute and nice and organized?! me -- And did you notice how all the spice colours work together? It's pure magic! My favourite is paprika. It's so red and nice and pretty. Look! Are you looking?! IH -- mhm... me -- And they're all the spices I actually use! Like, I can just go here, and oh, I need it is! Easy to use! Right here! I don't have to go fumbling around for a stupid bag in the cupboard anymore! Right?! I mean, how great is that? Seriously. How great! IH -- uh huh me -- And look! Look in the spice cupboard! It's all organized, too, and clean and practically empty now! me -- (imitating a shoving motion with my arms) I don't have to shove all these spices up in here anymore, and be, like, where's this? where's that? I grabbed the wrong thing again! me -- (running out of breath) Oh, no! It's all right here. Cleaned up. And then the other spice mixes are still there, see? But they're easy to grab, right? Nice and easy and clean and nice! IH -- Yes. I see. It's very nice. me -- (clasping my hands together) I just love it. I love it so much. me -- (rocking a little, still staring at the rack) It's so great. So great...I'm so happy.

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