Friday, November 12, 2010

there are a lot of maybes in this post

I've been feeling pretty uninspired lately. Maybe it's because I have the move and packing on my mind or maybe it's cuz I haven't been feeling well this week or maybe it's cuz I bit my lip at some point this week and it hurts like crazy and it won't get better and it's totally bumming me out (it really is. I can't even tell you how irritating it's been).

Anyway, I had a moment of inspiration on Wednesday and took out my film SLR and started taking pictures with it again. Since I've been lacking in post ideas this week, I was really really counting on this one idea to completely inspire me, but unfortunately, it's only reminded me that I've forgotten everything (or what little I did know) about taking pictures with that camera.

When I saw the results, I felt completely deflated. I guess feeling professional while using a great camera doesn't necessarily equal professional looking photos.

I scanned all of the pictures into my computer, because I hoped I could fix at least a few of them in Picnik. Let me show you some before and afters.

Aren't those befores terrible? The afters aren't that much better, either, though I think I'm a bit better at manipulating photos than actually taking them.

Now, I'm extra considering taking a photography class (that means I've been considering it a lot this week). I think a lot of my better pictures have only been lucky breaks. So I could really use a course that teaches me how to use a camera rather than just relying on my ol' push some random buttons and hope something turns out well routine. I'd really love to find one that also covers composition. I could totally use some help in that area, too. There are a lot of great courses offered in Edmonton, I just have to find the right one. Right now, there seem to be more digital SLR courses than photography in general. Maybe I should get a digital SLR. Christmas is coming, right?

And I should mention (because there's nothing better going on in this ramble) that those were the first persimmons I've ever bought. I thought I'd be adventurous and try them out. I actually had to look up how to eat one. I really didn't have any idea! I peeled them, and I guess you don't have to, but the skin was a little chewy (and not in a good way). The only thing I'm still unsure about is how soft they're supposed to be. Mine were quite firm, but they were still nice and sweet. I think they'd make a really great jam or chutney. Maybe I'll buy them again. Maybe.


Deborah said...

That's such a beautiful camera! The whole film vs digital thing is so confusing. Digital gives all these perfect (example: all your delectable looking food photos in previous posts) and yet film, oh sweet film! It's just so real! Take the class! When are you moving???? Photos of the new house!!!! Please!

GALaxy said...

I think the best thing about digital is just the ease of it. I really like being able to take a bajillion photos of one thing, then instantly compare and sort through them. Film is really great and underappreciated, though. I might keep working with that camera for future posts. I have enough film lying around to do so! I'll be sure to post some new house photos asap!