Saturday, January 8, 2011

it's a great day to shovel your car out of the snow

I took this picture out my window for you! The heavy snowfall warning was kind of an understatement, don't you think?

Just kidding! That's a white square I drew in paint.

Actually, this is the view out my window:

Now we're laughing hilariously at this poor miserable fool, but at 9 a.m. this morning (and about four more times since then), we were in the exact same position. Luckily, Idle Husband has developed a sort of knack for getting out of snow drifts as he's gotten stuck in the alley three times this week (like, before the heavy snowfall even started).

I also feel like we've shovelled about a truckload of snow each today and it's still. snowing. At one point, I was just standing there, like, totally defeated, and I thought, I really don't know where to put all of this snow. I can't throw it up on top of that pile anymore, it's too high. And then I just leaned on my shovel and stared at it.

Let's see how long we can survive only on groceries I can carry through the snow because at least I can walk to a grocery store now. It's not an easy walk, mind you. The snow's up to my thighs, but at least I won't get stuck (I don't think I will anyway. I did fall over this morning and I was rolling around like a turtle on its back trying to get up). So definitely don't expect me to attempt driving anywhere on my own. That is not going to happen.

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