Monday, January 17, 2011

poor plants

These plants were on clearance at walmart this weekend, so we went a little nuts and bought four of them. The one thing about this house is that it just screamed out for greenery, especially for the big and leafy and lush types.

Since it was snowing and freezing cold that day, I've now realized why they were on clearance.

Honestly, they looked like the picture on the tag before!

care: oh good. they're fussy.

this is the worst. the leaves aren't crunchy, but they've all darkened and curled in on themselves.
the internets say it might recover

care: ah simplicity!

not as bad, but still pretty wilty

care: neglectful!

it seems to only be partially effected

care: not too bad

it did the best through transport

I'm really hoping it was just their leaves that were immediately effected and the plant itself bounces back. Especially the crotons. It was so pretty before. What a shame.

1 comment:

Mz.Elle said...

Aww poor babies!
We just bought a bunch too. Mine are not happy with the lack of light. My place is so dark.
I hope yours all recover back to their glory!