Friday, February 25, 2011

because I'm not feeling particularly inspired right now

{The Ghost of a Sabre Tooth Tiger} Jardine du Luxembourg

{The Walkmen} Canadian Girl

{Washington} Cement [No Device remix]

{Foster the People} Pumped Up Kicks

{Peter Bjorn and John} Second Chance


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

OH! you can't even imagine how much i love GOASTT! funny story... a few months ago, i was standing in line at the post office, and i noticed that a man about 60 years old was wearing a GOASTT shirt. i figured maybe his kid gave it to him, but when one of the post office clerks commented on the design of it, he got really animated and excited and said he was headed up to washington dc that day to see them perform. i couldn't believe it!

GALaxy said...

Aren't they the best?! I saw them on Conan and I was absolutely smitten! Great story! I hope I can still keep on top of trendy music when I'm that age!