Friday, February 4, 2011

friday fixations

This really odd snow print that looks like someone and their dog fell over just outside our front window.

{dragon age II} I'm mostly excited that this game is quickly coming to an end (or beginning for the rest of the world). I miss Idle Husband! He's been busy with it for so long. Anyway, I thought I should make some sort of baked good that he could take for his office boys when they finish up in March. By complete luck and chance, I found what looks like individual donut tins at the thrift store yesterday. I didn't know what I was going to bake for those guys that wasn't cupcakes (again), so I'm really hoping these tins work out. Experimenting will begin shortly.

{key limes} I would never ever purchase these normally, but there were tons of bags on the clearance cart when I last went shopping. It takes a long time to squeeze those little bastards, but it was totally worth it. My hands and my cutting board had a zesty fresh smell all day long. I also left the bowl of squeezed limes out on my counter for a couple days, and everytime I was in the kitchen, I could smell that really fresh and clean tarty scent. So much better than any scent you could ever buy.

{ridiculous food network recipes} These are getting so crazy! I thought the Food Network would catch themselves on the first one but almost every month, a new one pops up. If you haven't seen them yet, here are the recipes for late night bacon, english peas, and dark chocolate as a snack. It's especially important to read through some of the comments.

{barley germ bubble tea} Any trip to West Edmonton Mall means I'm entitled to a bubble tea from the Dream Tea House. I specifically won't have any breakfast just so I can justify it! I always like to try a new flavour, and I always like to try something that's strange and different. Strawberry? Bah. I know what strawberry tastes like, but what about barley germ? Of all the flavours I've had so far, I think this is by far the best. I thought it tasted exactly like an oatmeal cookie and even yummier, all the tapioca absorbed that flavour. It was the first time I actually tried to eat them all. Maybe if they renamed it oatmeal cookie, it'd rise up in popularity.

{duck lamp} I think I bought this unusual white glass duck just so I could yell out, DUCK LAMP! every time I turn it on.

{cute valentine ideas} I love really simple ideas for occasions like this. I think they have so much more impact than if you just ran to the store for a stuffed animal, box of chocolates, or flowers. Here are some of my favourites: diy fruit stickers, tree carving ap, perfect pairs pencils, lip and mustache lollipops, diy fabric rose, crayon hearts, easy see-through valentines, arrow cupcake and bag toppers

How could I forget?!

{year of the rabbit} I'm planning on celebrating later this month with some ginger beef.


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

wow, that's a really odd snow print! the duck lamp is so neat, and i've never seen one like that!

erika edith said...

limes are the best!!

Mz.Elle said...

hahahaah duck lamp!
So cute! You always find the neatest things:)