Friday, March 4, 2011

friday fixations

{landscape paintings} I just realized we're starting to collect a lot of landscapes. I've never really been drawn to them before, but every time I see one at a thrift store now, I have to have it. I'm starting to think it's directly related to the shit weather we've been having. -32 C with the windchill. More snow and drifted to look like even more than what actually fell. March came in like a lion, please let it leave like a lamb.

{kitchen miniatures} I absolutely love these little kitchen dollhouse dioramas. It's positively irritating when a tiny fake kitchen is infinitely cooler than your large real kitchen. My favourites are the first and last spaces. There's so much neat stuff in one tiny room!

{daylight light bulbs} This isn't a new concept for me, but for some reason, it just never occurred to me until now to install them anywhere in this house. They were a god-send in my tiny basement apartment's bathroom where (in the yellow light) I had a really hard time combining colours. There were a bunch of times when I'd get to a public bathroom and think, "why the hell did I wear this shirt with this sweater?!" When we first moved, I took them all with me (they're not cheap and I didn't want to leave them for my slum landlord) and put them in almost every fixture in the old house (save for the dimmer switches). Unfortunately, since I had quite a bunch of bulbs cluttered together and they don't mark on the outsides which is which, I wasn't able to get all of my daylight bulbs back. I took the ones from the bathroom (an obvious grab), and I took the boxes marked daylight hoping there were still some in there. Thankfully there were, so I put them in the master bathroom. Boy, what a difference they make! I honestly didn't think it was that bad in there before, but after switching, white looks whiter, my face looks brighter, the walls look greyer (they seriously looked like a weird grey-brown hybrid before), and colours are sharper. I'm going to put them in the kitchen next!

{vim} Idle Husband had a bottle from his bachelor days and I recently found it in an effort to use up all of the stupid cleaners in the house. This is the best product ever. I don't know why I never tried it before, but I really don't think I'll use anything else now. It's the only thing that's been able to remove those blasted water spots from the shower faucet and I love that I only need a tiny squirt on a sponge and I can do the entire bathroom. Brilliant.

{cupcake fondue} I've been circling around fondue pots for a while now. I've never been particularly fond of fondue (see what I did there?), but they're just so neat looking and retro (and honestly, I probably just want to take a bazillion pictures of it). The cupcake fondue almost gives me an excuse to buy one. So cute.

{plastic animal planters} Oh what an amazing idea. I love the dinosaurs -- their colours, how some of them casually look over their backs at a spiky plant. So clever. I wonder if I could DIY this...

{bird rings} The other week, we were looking at all the clearance at the Bay (gawd they have so much clearance in every store in Red Deer. It's crazy), and they had all of these different creature rings. Octopus, spiders, frogs, butterflies, all bejewelled and shiny. I was trying them on and I really loved them (especially the octopus and the way it hugged my finger), but I wished they had thought to put a bird on one (yes; I'm a walking cliché now thanks to that video). I really love this ring, but I wish it were green instead (I immediately thought of this blogger when I first saw it, though).


Deborah said...

those kitchen dioramas are amazing aren't they? I could look at them for ages! and what color did you paint your bedroom (or whatever room that is with the landscape painting you referred to)> It looks really nice - I'm wanting to do some interior colors

GALaxy said...

That's the colour every room in the house is painted. They left the cans here, though, and it's marked as Greyrock Inn. I know that every paint is different, this one's from Cloverdale, but I don't really know if it's exclusive to them or a colour exclusive to the builders. It's a warmer shade of light grey, if that helps at all. (I feel like I'm not giving any good information!)