Friday, March 25, 2011

friday fixations

{mema's hotcakes}  I haven't wanted to try another pancake recipe for the longest time because I felt like any recipe I made was pretty much exactly like the last. But then I spotted this one on Tasty Kitchen. I was mostly drawn to the name, but the fact that it was also a super easy recipe helped nudge me into trying it. I first made them two weeks ago, and I'm not even kidding when I say that that's all I think about making for our Saturday breakfasts now. They're so delicious, you will eat them like cookies. IHOP pancake recipe in the garbage, MeMa's hotcakes instead.

{pinterest} I requested an invite out of curiosity, but now I find myself getting kind of addicted. This is so much better than saving everything to my computer!

{drop cloth curtains} I've been wanting to get one plain curtain style to go throughout the house, so when this popped into my mind, I thought it might be perfect. I looked at some packages at Home Depot and I really loved the colour and texture. The brand I liked was greyish in colour with little flecks of black and tan. It looked like good quality fabric and, of course, you get a lot at a pretty cheap price. I think they would work perfectly for my quiet curtain scheme (and with the house colours), but I could always print them myself if I got tired of them. I only waiver because the last time I made curtains, I screwed it up royally.

{vertical gardens} Since we moved, I have never been more plant obsessed (which is saying a lot for me). It might be due to the weather, but I think it's something this house is specifically screaming saying to me. So I've been busy collecting ideas for small gardens, and vertical gardens really appeal to me. They address the small yard problem and they look modern and stylish. I love this pallet garden (aka something I'd like to line the entire inside of our fence or deck with) and this idea for using an old picture frame (I kind of want to make a mini version). They're both frickin' genius and gorgeous.

{the awesomehots} They sound like nothing an Edmonton band should sound like (in my mind) which is a good thing. A very good thing. I really like Borda Patro' and you can listen to it here.

{beans} I know it's so weird to say, but I'm really fixated on beans right now! Kidney beans, black beans, white beans, brown beans -- you name it, I want it. Idle Husband decided he'd eat them now since they're healthy (deeelicious -- no; I threw that in) and part of this diet. Now I'm searching for new dinner ideas to incorporate them. I found this post which rounds up a bunch of bean recipes, and this foodie blog is posting lots of delicious looking recipes which focus primarily on the diet concepts. I'm over the moon excited to try some of these out. Oh! I just remembered about chili! Proper beany chili! Oy. I'm crazy excited about beans.

{doodle jump} I'm still sticking behind my motto that the best game concepts are always the simplest and cutest (and cheapest). Doodle Jump scores on all of those. It's insanely addictive (who thought jumping would be such a time-suck?), easy to learn (even I can do it and it's motion-controlled), and hard to master (damn you, black holes!).  Plus I'm a sucker for the doodled graphics and the option to switch between different (equally cute) scenes (I even love the soccer level). (Below, you'll find a Ragetoon that adequately expresses Idle Husband's feelings on the game.)


Deborah said...

gosh- yum! AND I love my calendar! I have been working 10-12 hour days lately but hopefully this weekend I can play with it and find out which room it really belongs to. I'll try to send some photos!

GALaxy said...

I'm so glad you like it. Can't wait to see pictures!