Monday, May 30, 2011

recent finds

a} A signed and numbered blue jay print: I thought this was supposed to be for mom (as we were shopping together), but she left it at my house so it's mine now. I know; I have a lot of bird stuff. But blue jays are rare in art form, aren't they?
b} An 'A' pin.
c} A container of various sized crochet hooks: I don't crochet in the traditional sense. I've been trying to put together this idea for a while now and I thought what was holding me back was my poor choice of crochet hook. I had hoped to find something at the thrift store, and I did find something larger and I wanted to get just that. But mom convinced me to take the whole lot up to the cashier to ask how much they'd be and she gave us all of them for 99 cents. (If you need one, email me!)
d} A calligraphy pen: I'm pretty excited about this one. It comes with a bunch of tip sizes, all I have to do is find some ink.
e} Ticket stamps: They've never been used and they're so cute. One has an owl on it, so naturally I had to have it. And despite them being tickets, I don't feel like you always have to use every part of a stamp. Colour in the owl alone and you've got something completely different, right?
f} Rolls of ribbon: I've been looking for pink and since it came in a bag, I had to buy the whole thing. But that's cool. One can never have enough ribbons and the rest were pretty great colours, too.
g} Number stamps: I don't know where the little figure on the top is from, but I really liked the font of the number. I'm going to use them for addressing envelopes.

h} An amazing metal outdoor chair: it's uber comfortable and it just happens to match our house pretty damn well. I may or may not spray paint the metal black. Maybe.
i} A little wicker basket: it's for balls of yarn, is it not? I liked it cuz it's sculptural. I really want to paint it teal blue.
J} A side table: because you need somewhere to put your drinks. And it's wicker. And I know it's a hideous shade of brown right now, but that's where some black paint comes in. In the soonish future.
k} I'm only mentioning the second chair because I got this one for free! It was totally by mistake, and I definitely would have mentioned it had I noticed it at the store. But I didn't notice until the next day when I was reviewing the bill and wondering why everything came up so cheap.

Our front porch is starting to take shape, right? I'm also pondering this little storage bench I spotted at IKEA last week (the one at the store was black). I think it would fit perfectly by our door and look a bazillionty times better than the garbage can that's there right now.


Lindsey @ Hot Polka Dot said...

Awesome finds! I love the calligraphy pen set too. I wonder where you'd find ink for that? Now to affix an ostrich feather to the pen and you're golden!

GALaxy said...

Luckily, there was still a tube of ink with the pen so I'll at least know what to look for! The ostrich feather isn't a half-bad idea! ;)