Friday, May 20, 2011

spring rotation

I was gifted some new, springy clothes last week and my first thought was that I'd have to buy more hangers, but then I realized the overwhelming amount of clothing hanging in my closet that just screamed winter at me. So I had my moment of clarity and went through the entire lot, folding up and packing away anything that felt snowy. I must have been invigorated by the process cuz I soon got down to the business of changing around tchotchkes in the house. You know, getting rid of that easter bunny that's been lying on the floor since March etc.

And then I thought to bring up all my flower vases so I could switch them out with the tins. It was the perfect time to wash them, too. I think a lot of those vases had never been washed before. There were still some thrift store tags on the bottoms! But now that they're clean, the difference is amazing. The crystal crystals!

I've been thinking about doing that for some time now, I'm just a terrible procrastinator (and sometimes, it feels as though the stars have to align just so for me to get something finished). The vase situation was starting to become dismal since I've been getting more flowers lately and was having to resort to using the same vase over and over again whether it fit the flowers or not. Which then becomes especially annoying when you know you have two boxes of paper wrapped vases in the basement.

Doing this couldn't have come at a better time as I found some cheapy bunches of gerbera daisies today that I just couldn't pass up!

And in case you were wondering what was holding the straws, it was a vase. They're proving to be useful for more than just flowers!


Laeli said...

I really like the peachy ones:)I feel like I could give em a lick and they'd taste like candy.

I seemed to have started a vase collection too, only I favour the cheap dollar store variety for some odd reason. Finally, my tastes are in line with my budget,ha

GALaxy said...

They had so many colours, I had to limit my purchase to the pinks; otherwise, I would have ended up buying all of them! All my vases came from Value Village (or other various thrift stores), and trust me when I say, I only bought them if they were dead cheap.

Deborah said...

wow, that whole transition of winter to spring to winter clothing always offers up weeks of procrastintaion for me - if you see one of my recent posts where a photo of my closets is in it? That closet was in that state of mess for a month~ It was horrible!!!! Each morning stepping on clothes to get to clothes but nothing of course seemed right in all that chaos. Much better now - Your house looks nice - the little blips of photos - and btw, my dtr gave me gerbera daisies for mother's day and they lasted two weeks!!! Happy Sunday!

Lindsey @ Hot Polka Dot said...

Holy vase addiction, Batman! Very respectable collection you have there. I'm loving all the milk glass.

GALaxy said...

TCFO: I did! It feels really good to look in there and find clothes you actually WANT to wear, isn't it? The gerbera daisies are still going strong. I keep cutting them shorter and putting them in different vases to make them last longer. I love how fake they look, don't you?

Lindsey: It's not an addiction! (anymore) Those are all vases I found almost 10 years ago. These days, it's really hard to find pretty ones in thrift shops and even harder to find ones that aren't over $2.99! Mom has the bulk of the milk glass and a bunch of the taller vases. I'm sure she'll bring them for me sooner or later! ;)