Wednesday, July 6, 2011

alberta aviation museum

the only time we ever thought to visit the aviation museum was a couple winters ago when the annual Make It! craft show was being held there. we honestly never once considered the museum or that it may actually be interesting, but it was. and if you happen to be or to know someone who's a huge plane or war enthusiast, well then. there's double-triple fun to be had. I even noticed Idle Husband without his phone on more than a few occasions and that's really saying something.

we went on Monday so maybe it's not typical, but we had the entire museum to ourselves. we enjoyed the quarter games and sat inside a small passenger plane without having to stand in line first, and we could take our time enjoying them without being rushed out. those are the museum experiences I particularly enjoy (which is why I never like to visit my absolute favourite alberta museum in the summer -- well, that and the scorching heat).


Jane said...

Fantastic pics!! We've never been - I'm thinking now we should. Another museum we love is the Reynold's Museum.

Laeli said...

Your photos are amazing!
My son would love that place, he's training to be a pilot.
I'm going to your favourite museum this summer!

Thank you so much for the bracelets! I love them! They are all so different and every time I pick a new favourite, it gets knocked out by the next one I wear,lol Thank you!

GALaxy said...

Jane: It's a pretty neat museum and they're really nice in there. I think the woman at the desk would have given us a tour had the important half of us been able to speak English!

Lael: Oh yeah, definitely! Anyone interested in planes would be crazy not to go. Plus there seemed to be an endless number of planes arriving and taking off while we were looking outside. That was interesting just by itself! I'm so glad you like the bracelets! It was such a pleasure making them for you!