Friday, July 8, 2011

friday fixations

{cute iwallpapers} I love Samantha Hahn's blog and her art. Recently, she made some iPhone wallpapers available and I couldn't be happier. I am madly in love with her dreamy, splotchy water colours and they look so great on my iPod. Get them here.

{saipua} She has a real talent for floral arrangements. They're just so amazing and... realistic. Does that make sense? Like, she arranges flowers in a vase so it looks like the flowers are doing what they would naturally do in a garden. That's real flower talent. Anyway, I bookmarked this one post of hers a while ago, before the parents came with their weed bouquets, and I found it last night and thought it was kind of funny that I had already been drooling over weeds a couple weeks earlier and I'd forgotten all about it. Check out the post for some more weedy inspiration.

{line birds} Last week it was Turtle Fly, this week Line Birds. I keep finding some pretty addictive and free games for my iPod lately. And then Idle Husband swoops in and plays once and gets the high score which is really irritating, but I forgive him. It gives me something to work towards!

{janie cai} I love her style. Very modern-day Diane Keaton.

{nail polish base and top coats} I've been looking at this weird tumblr, Burgers and Nails, where they literally post pictures of people eating hamburgers with great manicures. I don't know why I'm looking at it. I'm not especially excited about either topic but for some reason, I really enjoy it. So almost every day, I read about this hamburger with this nail polish and almost everyone mentions their top coat. So I thought that maybe I, too, should purchase a top coat and try it out. And surprise of all surprises, my nail polish lasts longer plus Superstore's Joe brand is also a base coat which helps protect my nails and helps remove the polish a lot easier later. I know it's not a major discovery. I'm sure every woman on earth knows about it already, but I just never really thought to bother with it before. I know, I'm a dummy. Or lazy. One of the two. Or both. (I'm in an indecisive mood today.)

{feedly} Thank you to whoever visited my blog via Feedly! I saw it listed as a source and I wondered, "What the heck is Feedly?" so I went on over and discovered the best free Google reader app ever! Do you know how long I've been looking for a good free Google reader app?! Forever! That's how long! Now I can read all my blogs in bed, on the couch, on the porch, in the kitchen (while stirring another pot of jam for an hour) AND they're beautifully organized and still categorized the way I like (I totally have my blogs ordered based on content. I'm a nerd), and I can even save certain posts for later so I can look links up on the computer (hello music posts) or write up a comment (I'm sure I can do that through Feedly, too, but I prefer to do it the old fashioned way).


Laeli said...

I love your nerdy self:)

You're reminding me that I need to do my nails. I once had a french manicure the day before a trip to Tofino. My nails were ruined the next day on a kayaking trip:( Obviously not enough top coat!
I love the look of beautiful nails, I'd imagine the contrast between that and hamburgers is neat!

Lindsey @ Hot Polka Dot said...

I love Line Birds too! I'm so close to unlocking the third bird.

You might also like Ninjump and Run Run Chicken. Those are two others that I'm addicted to.

Lindsey @ Hot Polka Dot said...

Oh and Gravity Guy! It's free for a limited time.

Jane said...

I love Saipua's blog - gorgeous look.
Burgers and nails - quirky blog!

GALaxy said...

LaelShine: It's so annoying to spend the time on nails only to have them chip the next day! I'm really glad I discovered top coat. Some of the manicures featured holding burgers are really outrageous! It is a really nice contrast between the two, actually. That's probably why I like it so much.

Lindsey: Thanks for the suggestions! I really like Ninjump so far! And I got Gravity Guy, too. It can be really hard, but it's also a really clever/easy to play game.

Jane: I was instantly smitten the day I found Saipua's blog. I'm glad you like it, too! Burgers and Nails IS a really quirky blog, but everyone needs a little quirkiness in their day. ;)