Friday, October 7, 2011

friday fixations: thanksgiving cookin' music

I've been busy in the kitchen prepping some dishes for Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend. Mm, mm, mm, gonna get me some pumpkin pie.

Here's what I've been listening to (and where you can download it)!

{1 Hospitality: Betty Wang} 

{2 Azealia Banks: 212}

{3 Alex Winston (RAC Remix): Velvet Elvis}

{4 The Heavy: How You Like Me Now?} We watched Horrible Bosses during our vacation, and this song was played during the movie. I downloaded it the moment I got home. (Incidentally, the movie was pretty awesome, too. It's got all of our favourite actors in it.)

{5 Spoon: Utilitarian demo}

{6 Destroyer: Savage Night at the Opera}

{7 Os Incríveis: Uma Rosa Pra Dita}

{8 Metronomy: The Bay}

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