Wednesday, April 11, 2012

leftover easter

We never decorate eggs for Easter. Mostly because I feel like there's really no point to it. This year, however, I kinda wanted a little colour in my fridge so I coloured up the rest of our eggs old school. (You're not going to find any fancy tie-dyes or leaf prints around here.)

All you need is some hot water, food colouring, and a teaspoon of vinegar per colour.

The floral printed cups are what my Gram used to use for dying eggs. Some of them still have faint rings of green and blue on the inside.

I spotted this idea for using push pins as a drying rack this year so I attempted that. For the most part, it works, but the pins have to be very close together.

I think the best colour was brown.

Every time I open the fridge now, I get a little burst of colour.

Did you have a colourful Easter?

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