Friday, April 13, 2012

friday fixation: tsoureki

I know it's strange, but this week is Greek Easter so on Monday we promptly (I have no idea how she manages to time the mail so well!) received our Greek Easter gifts. Among the treats, was a loaf of tsoureki (pronounced choo-wreck-ee). I'd never had it before and it fascinated me so much, I had to try some while Idle Husband was at work. He insisted he didn't like it and wouldn't even have a slice (while I insisted it was delicious and had a big pocket of chocolate inside), so (shamefully) I've been eating it all week long. There are a lot of recipes for the bread online, but it wouldn't surprise me if you found a loaf at the Italian market or Hellas Foods.

Now that he's seen the pictures, Idle Husband is really sad he missed out. I told him it was full of chocolate!!

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