Friday, July 27, 2012

friday fixations: instagram edition

I'm officially in love with saskatoons. It probably helps that there are a ton of bushes just across the street that I can pick at my leisure for free, but they are really good and plump and juicy,too! I think I'll start freezing them now to enjoy in the winter months. (I should also mention that since I found the saskatoons, I've also found cherries and gooseberries in the same spot. What a gem! And it seems as though I'm the only person picking them. If you saw a girl picking berries right in the middle of a park/walking path/across from a grocery store, wouldn't you ask what's up? I'm pretty sure I would.)

I planted a variety of squashes this year thinking about trying squash blossoms (eating them, you know, as they do in the fancy places), but then I hesitated. Is it a specific squash blossom you can eat or any squash blossom? So I haven't eaten any but every morning, when they bloom, I stand at the window and contemplate it. And do I pick them when they open or after they close? I also suppose this is something I could google, but I keep forgetting to bother.

I chose a new carpet for the basement but we're still waiting for it to be installed. It's been over three months since we've used the basement and I have no idea how I can get this process to speed up. I'm getting so frustrated. I want my house back.

I've been doing a lot of shopping. Well, not buying necessarily, but going around and looking at stuff for inspiration. I saw these cute stuffed cactus plants at Anthropology and I want one immediately. Why is it that I always want the things in Anthro that aren't for sale?

Stupid picture, but I saw this super cute cooler at Home Sense (in the clearance section!) and instantly wished I was in need of such things. It's exactly like an ice cream cart -- tall legs, wheels, and the lid opens on both ends. It was also in orange, but I liked lime green better. Can you imagine how cute this'd be filled with freezies at a family picnic?

I also found this professional dehydrator at a thrift shop for next to nothing and low and behold, when I got it home and opened, it came with all the fancy stuff (non-stick covers and fruit leather trays) and it looked like it had never been used! I tested it by making some fruit leather with a jar of applesauce. OMG applesauce fruit leather is so good! Plus it made my house smell like cinnamon! Since my homegrown tomatoes were destroyed by hail, I bought lots of tomatoes from superstore to dry for the winter. Besides, it's kinda hard not to buy tomatoes when they're so cheap right now (they're drying as I type!). They also had clearance basil plants for 20 cents so I bought one of each type to dry, too. What else can I dehydrate?! I think I might try making jerky!

I was on a roll at the Goodwill last week! I found THE perfect jean jacket, some amazing sweaters, a skirt, and (the biggest surprise) one twin space invaders sheet! It was totally meant to be, I swear! I'll post what I did with it next week!

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