Monday, July 23, 2012

ikea 2013 catalogue

Those who know me well, know that I'm not that huge a fan of IKEA stuffs (they're not cheap or well made I don't care what anyone says) but despite that, I always go there and look around and check out their clearance section and like their ideas and request their catalogues. So... that's a little contradictory, but they do (admittedly) have some pretty good design and design ideas.

The new 2013 catalogue is out online, so I thought I'd show you some of the ideas I liked!

Ever since we got the bigger bed, I've been really obsessed with the concept of putting a dresser behind the bed as a headboard (with storage) or using the headboard as a divider to separate the room. Our master bedroom is kind of awkwardly designed so the builders (or the house designer) designed the bed to go on the wall adjacent the bathroom. But I hate sleeping with my head pointing towards the bathroom door. It just feels... uncomfortable. So I put the bed on the opposite wall which happens to be a little half wall that's shared with the master closet so the bed doesn't fit on the entire wall. It sticks out about two feet. I don't mind it, but there definitely needs to be some sort of division or pretend wall or extra wall to make up the difference. I never thought of curtains before! And if I had even more space, I love the idea of having the table behind the curtain. I wonder if I could fit one of their standing closets into our closet. I need to organize in there BIG TIME.

Why are bathrooms designed as shitty little piddly things here? I don't get it. Why do I need all these bedrooms when having a master bath like this would be such a dream? (For anyone -- don't give me that "resale" spiel.)

I just read an article about this and now I see it in IKEA. Apparently, in scandanavian countries, it's pretty typical to have a large bed with a set of sheets and blankets for each occupant. As above, they've got a queen bed and bedding folded in half each to their own comfort levels. At first I thought that was kind of a dumb way to sleep, but the article I read mentioned that if you're a light sleeper, you'll get an even better sleep not having to fight and wrestle for covers with your partner all night. I might give it a trial run. Idle Husband never grew up with the concept of an upper sheet and it totally stresses me out at night if the sheets are messed up and tangled. Maybe I could have the sheet and he could have his own duvet. (Regardless of what you think about this idea, you can't deny how cozy this bed looks!)

Finally, I loved how they tied the patterned portion up and let the liner hang loose on these curtains. It looks so fresh!

I also wanted to mention how inspiring I found the photography in this particular issue. The items were laid out and arranged in a very simple yet clever manner. Very nice!

Did you see anything in the catalogue that interested you?


Laeli said...

I like their design ideas and think most of their stuff is pretty interesting. To me it just feels normal..I'm part Swedish, so its no wonder.

A lot of their products are hit and miss in terms of quality. I only buy something if I've determined it to be sturdy. We bought a set of dressers that are like rocks. But then have had others that fall apart if you look at for me, it all depends and I'm extremely picky. I also never ever pay full price, I don't find their stuff to be too pricey but its definitely not cheaply priced either.

GALaxy said...

I like their design -- I definitely view most of their stuff as "what ELSE can I do with this?" instead of what it was originally intended for. The clearance section is where I buy their stuff if I do. It's just that some things are so... obviously IKEA that they don't feel design-y or unique anymore cuz everyone has one, and you barely have to work to pick out the IKEA stuff from home design pictures. That's when IKEA gets a little old and annoying to me.