Friday, September 7, 2012

friday fixations

{cup stacking otter} This is the best thing!

{wedge boots} Mysteriously, I keep looking at these Toms and even these trainers... I gotta figure out something that's warm that I can wear with a skirt in the winter (that's going to be here before I know it).

{furoshiki} The art of gift wrapping using fabric instead of paper. Someone's got a birthday coming up, so I really want to wrap a gift using this technique (plus Christmas idea!).

{drawer knobs} I have a little night stand that is in desperate need for some pulls, but I can't decide what to do! Leather, rope, fancy and expensive (I only need 2... so I guess it's a possibility), thrifted (if I can find something I like), or some other homemade option?

{baker's feed and seed} I went here this week to see if they had anything different for our little bird, and what I found was not so much a store as a boarding place for A LOT of different birds. I can't even remember if anything was for sale. There were just so many birds and they all had signs on them that said they weren't for sale or they were being boarded. So. That's not really the interesting part. I wanted to tell you this. When I was in there, I went around and talked to all of them (as one does when faced with birds), and there was one little parrot -- I don't know what kind he was. He had a black head and multi-coloured body -- who was in his cage, at the bottom, on his head. So I asked him, "what are you doing?" And he righted himself, looked at me, and said, "Lemme outta here."

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