Friday, September 28, 2012

friday fixations: youtube edition

{the muppet movie} I'm angry it took me so long to see this movie, but, at the same time, I feel like it was totally worth the wait. I've been singing this song around the house all week. (Now you wanna download it, don't you?)

{the jaw} In case you don't follow me on twitter, I mentioned Peter Hurley's video a week or so ago, and I thought I should repost it here now because EVERYONE should know this information (especially anyone in the biz). I watched this (long) informative video a while ago but hadn't really had the chance to put it into action until I got some new passport photos. I can't even believe the difference this trick made! In comparison to my old passport photo, the new one looks like I dropped 50 pounds and had a face lift! It was a pretty spectacular difference. I'm so glad I remembered to do it about half a second before taking the photo! Next time you're renewing your driver's license, say yes to a new photo JUST to do this trick!

{rayman jungle run} This touch game has all the cuteness and fun we experienced when we played Rayman for the Xbox, except now it's in portable form! I'm trying to save the game for a trip we're going on in November, but I'm having a really hard time doing that. (And I know I usually only like the free games, but this was impossible to pass up. Besides, what really great thing can you get for $3 these days, anyway?)

{lego stop-motion video} A 17-year-old (prodigy) made this amazing video! (Plus another great song for the weekend!)

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