Monday, October 1, 2012

october desktop


I bought this climbing vine rose in late summer when everything went on clearance and it's been blooming like crazy ever since. We've been enjoying it so much because it is literally the most neon pink I have ever seen in a plant ever before in my life. I realized a couple weeks ago that I hadn't taken any pictures of it so instead of having the normal "here's a rose and some leaves" picture, I decided to get a little artsy with it. Then I really wanted to figure out how to get it into words and now that's probably going to be my little trick for a while. I've been having way too much fun fiddling around in photoshop lately. Here's what the proper calendar looks like:




I also realized that when I choose backgrounds for my iPod, I like the lock screen and the home screen to relate somehow, so I made two each for the iPod/iPhone and the iPad. One with the floral words and one with the floral pattern. So you can put the October words on the lock screen and the floral on the home screen or vice versa -- er, if you're as weird about it as I am (I save a lot of nice iPod wallpapers and then never use them cuz I don't have a second picture to match them with...sigh).

I also made a moody October desktop because I just really loved this photo of one of our pond lettuces and I couldn't NOT show it off plus October = Halloween = moody, right?


Get all the sizes plus printable calendars (if that's more your style) on mah Flickr page as usual.

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