Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DIY: easy halloween

{lighted ghost garland} I'm just going to get this out of the way now. I am completely over garlands. For a while there, I was really smitten with them until I started to think about how I'd use them. So. I really like this idea because it's not a pointless "garland" it's just a fun way to punch up some lights for Halloween. If I were doing ghosts this year, I'd use my Christmas lights and string these up along our porch.

{black paper cats} The only annoying thing with these is that you have to sign up to the website to get the free template. They're still cute enough to bother, though, and I think they'd be great as a cluster of three (vary the sizes) on a mantle or table.

{pacman and ghosts} Another garland, hey? Well, initially, I was going to use this idea and do something similar to the paper bats (see next photo) on my door, but then, as usual, I changed my mind back to my original thought (which I'll be blogging about soon!). Now I think they'd look really cute in a window in proper Pacman formation (the fact that there're two pacmen with the ghosts bothers me immensely).

{paper bats} Now that you know I'm totally over garlands, you should also know that I'm totally over wreathes. If I see one more wreath I think I'll gag. I was cleaning out our front closet and I found my old fabric wreath and was about thisclose to throwing it out. Don't worry. I kept it. Maybe I won't have this extreme distaste for wreathes next year. Anyway, I thought this idea was pretty clever for door decor. It's more interesting, it's got movement and life, and it's definitely more unique than a boring ol' wreath.

{misfortune cookies} This isn't a DIY link. You could have purchased these at some point in the past, but I figure they'd be really easy to make. Take a round piece of black paper, fold it in half, then bend it down into the appropriate shape. Vague, but you'll figure it out once you're in that position. I think these would be cute as invitations to a Halloween party or place cards for said party; therefore, I'll never use this idea (unless something mysterious happens in which I find myself throwing a Halloween party! haha right).

{spiral ghosts} Um, how easy are these? Not too spooky and more kid-friendly (Actually, browsing Halloween things with mom this year made me realize that not everyone likes a spooky ghost. Things I didn't even consider spooky were apparently "way too scary!" for mom).

{hole's scary plant ideas} There's this pretty famous greenhouse here called Hole's (and if you haven't been you should really go. It's got way more stuff -- an organic grocery?! -- than just plants) and this year they came out with this little online zine with Halloween ideas. It could've been longer and more plant inspired, but I did love the small amount of planting ideas on page 8. The most doable one is the hand in a pot, I think (hands, arms, feet are all available at the dollar store). Since the weather turns freezing by the second week of October, other plants (like the cute cabbage with eyeballs) would look shriveled and dead by the end of the month. Unless that's the look you're going for -- which is a pretty good look for Halloween.

If you need more inspiration, I've got a few more pins on my Halloween Pinterest board!

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