Friday, October 12, 2012

friday fixations: pink pumpkins

They kinda don't look pink right here, but I assure you. In person, they're pink, bordering on pink-orange in one case.

I wasn't only attracted to the pink, though. I love how bumpy and irregular they are. When compared with the usual pumpkins, they look more real and less commercial if you know what I mean.

I think these are the Porcelain Doll hybrid, and most sources I found said that we can eat them. So when I'm done lovingly staring at and caressing these, I plan on cooking them up.

I should cook and save a few seeds too, but I have this weird dilemma when it comes to pumpkin seeds. How on earth do you eat them? I always see them seasoned, in the shell, but have you tried cracking open that shell? Are we missing something? (you don't eat the shell, do you?!)

Anyway, I'd really love some blue and white pumpkins, too. Have you seen any of those kicking around Edmonton? (I found these at Save-On Foods but haven't seen them anywhere else yet.)

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