Friday, January 4, 2013

friday fixations: free printable 2013 calendars

There are so many great designers offering free printable calendars every year that I just don't understand why people even bother to buy a generic (and expensive) calendar anymore. I just printed four calendars that I made for myself and my mom and it cost me all of $25 bucks (I printed them at Staples on cardstock and the quality is so much better than printing them at home). Last I checked, that's almost the price of one calendar at the calendar shop (or is it the price? I haven't purchased a calendar from one of those mall shops for almost 10 years now -- is there such a thing as calendar inflation?).

Here are some free calendars that I especially loved this year (but didn't print):

Source: via idle on Pinterest

Geometric with large poster capabilities! (It also comes in black and white.)

This is my favourite one!

Source: via idle on Pinterest
I really like the formatting on these. That's something I might attempt next year.

These are too cute! (But I think I would've been tempted by sweets all year!)

Source: via idle on Pinterest

I also really liked Scout Creative's free printable calendar this month and did print that one (resized as a mini calendar instead). They've switched from 3D calendars (you print, cut out, fold, glue, and display equaling too much work) and moved to desktop calendars with a free printable card calendar. I was so over the 3D printables they were sending out every month last year, I didn't even consider printing a single one. So, obviously, I'm really happy they changed their format! Sign up for their club and get the printable AND a desktop option delivered right to your inbox every month!


And, in case you missed it, I'll be posting a printable zodiac/lunar calendar every month that you can print out for free, too. January's already available right here.

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