Friday, January 11, 2013

friday music mix

I've been debating all morning whether to go out for a walk today. I went yesterday and immediately regretted not having checked the weather first (or worn any long johns). I shouldn't be such a baby (this isn't too bad), we've just been really spoiled for pretty good winter weather lately. These songs made up my gifted Christmas mix this year. I hope you hear something you like!

{A.C. Newman} Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns
{Father John Misty} Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
{Gold Motel} Brand New Kind of Blue
{Hesta Prynn} You Winding Up (Bear Hands Remix)
{Kishi Bashi} It All Began With a Burst
{Lady Lamb The Beekeper} Rooftop
{Major Lazer} Get Free (featuring Amber Coffman)
{Mind Enterprises} Summer War
{Passion Pit} Carried Away
{St. Vincent} These Days (Jackson Browne Cover)
{Stealing Sheep} The Mountain Dogs
{Still Corners} Fireflies
{Teen} Electric
{The Dø} Slippery Slope
{Theme Park} Wax

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