Wednesday, February 6, 2013

early fixation: benji hughes

A dumb thing happened to me last week. I lost the diy I had planned for today. I don't know where I put it or what could possibly have happened to it, but I've turned the house upside-down and I still can't find it. I think some little house gnome has got it and he's not giving it back.

Instead, I thought I'd tell you about Benji Hughes' album 'A Love Extreme.'

The thing with me and music is that I'm usually drawn to sounds that reflect what I'm feeling or what's going on in my life (even if that just means I was really digging anything with hand claps in it at the time). So usually, I can listen back on certain CDs and singles and remember the events surrounding that particular song and I can remember what it was I was feeling or what I was doing back then.

It's been kind of a slow music month for me, so I loaded some older CDs onto my iPod and 'A Love Extreme' was one of them.

It was probably one of the last physical CDs I've ever purchased, but I remember when I purchased it, back when I first met Idle Husband. So a lot of the songs remind me of that time. The crazy fun, the excitement, the newness, the love extreme. 

So if you're looking for a CD that's got some sort of a Valentine slant to it but is nowhere near that crazy Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston type of love song ballad, then I think you're looking for Benji Hughes. His is about the closest approximation to lovey romantic music I've ever purchased and his lyrics aren't unrealistically sappy. He really tells a story with every song he sings. (And if you're single this Valentine's day, there're a few really great anti-love songs, like 'You Stood Me Up' and fun friend/party songs like 'I Went with some Friends to see the Flaming Lips'

Click here to find more of his songs (and you might be able to download a few of them by clicking on the blog links).

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