Monday, July 29, 2013

the august break

You've probably noticed there's not a whole lot of stuff going on around here these days. That's mostly because I've been feeling extremely uninspired and unmotivated to blog these last couple of months. Nothing has been exciting me and I've been feeling like there's no reason to even bother.

So I suppose it's kind of silly to participate in the August Break when I've already half taken a break, but I thought that having a specific goal and planned target every day might motivate and inspire me to take pictures and come up with crafts again.

If you want to know more about the August Break, go and check out Susannah Conway's blog where you can read all about it, sign up, get the list of daily photo prompts (which I'm going to try my best to follow), and download badges, pictures, and more.

You'll see me posting more often as I follow the photo-a-day challenge (which it is for me, anyway) starting August 1!

(I think I'm already a little excited about this.)


erika said...

Perfect idea! I love photo-a-day challenges - so easy to participate, and after an entire month you feel like you have accomplished something! Good luck :)

Sharon Wagner said...

An August break is a break in routine. I'm participating.