Thursday, October 1, 2009

You know, my brain really sucks sometimes.

A Facebook message exchange:

me: Happy late birthday! I can't believe I totally missed it. Naturally, I blame facebook. I can't possibly be the most terrible friend in existance...well...maaybe...ok, yeah, let's be honest here. Facebook's only PARTLY to blame. The other part is all Yahoo's.

E: it's not my birthday. It's October 27th...LOL! Why do you think it's my birthday?

me: cuz I think it's the end of October! Duh!

E: hmmm...better lay off the sauce, there, 2 of 3.

me: no, no, I know it's September. I was ACTUALLY trying to message SOMEONE ELSE and must've put your name in by mistake. Whoopsie!

me: yes...yes...that's my story...

me: no, no, ACTUALLY I did one of those surveys: How many of your friends' birthdays can you remember? and then it hijacked my facebook and started sending crazy messages to everyone. I'm sorry you were targeted. The authorities have been alerted.

me: It's called birthdayrememberitis. It effects 1 in 10 women, and I'm very ashamed of it. I'm sorry you had to find out this way.

me: I'm very tired today and while facebooking, I started to nod off and my head fell on the keyboard and accidentally pressed the keys on the keyboard to form that message.

E: I said lay off the sauce right MEOW!

me: The zombies ate my brainz

E: and now the zombies need to join AA

me: Lookit how much fun we're having sober!

E: who's sober?  *hic*

me: I DID eat a plum today that was starting to taste a little wine-y...

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