Monday, October 12, 2009

Ewww! Wha?! Stick my HAND in there?!

After last year, I was pretty determined to find us some pumpkins to carve. Is that silly? You're thinking, but it's October! Month of pumpkin carving! How can you not find a pumpkin? Well, let me tell you something. Something about last year.

Last year, I discovered Idle Husband had never carved a pumpkin before. They don't do that in Greece, apparently, and what a horrible shame that is. So I said, well, for Halloween we must carve a pumpkin! It's now on our to-do list! But I didn't want to carve one in the first weeks of October because I wasn't feelin' it. I didn't want to have a carved pumpkin sitting around, rotting, and then have it be shrivelled up and gross by the time you'd actually want a pumpkin out on your porch. What good was that? So despite seeing bins and bins of pumpkins every week we went shopping, when the time came and I was ready to buy and carve, the city was out. Out of pumpkins, that is. We looked everywhere we could think of and not one single pumpkin could be found. I felt awful.

This year, I decided we'd carve pumpkins for Thanksgiving. Halloween be damned! (no pun intended) We got on our coats, marched ourselves down to the Superstore, picked out two pumpkins, and marched ourselves home to immediately carve them.

The results were really great! IH went with a more traditional jack-o-lantern face. Creepy? Check. Spooky? Oh, yup. Perfect pumpkin? Double check. I decided to go a little more artistic with a bat and a spooky tree which was a first for me since I usually do faces. Obviously, the best part is when they're lit up and flickering in complete darkness, casting shadows all over the living room. I love that.

IH's spooktacular pumpkin

I also love GIFs, so naturally...I couldn't help myself

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