Monday, October 5, 2009

Greek Treats

Since I find it really interesting to learn about food found in other cultures (have you visited Pretty Pretty Yum Yum? I love that blog!), I thought I might share some pictures of the treats we got in our package from Greece on Friday.

Idle Husband's favourite Greek cookies. When I first tried these last year, I wasn't very impressed. Now I really love them, too. They're not too sweet and they have a subtle coconut flavour to them.

We were also sent these chocolates in a big heart-shaped package. Isn't the wrapping pretty? I think that's my favourite part (I'm a sucker for packaging)! The blue is so bright and unexpected, and the printing makes them look so old fashioned and regal. The taste is closer to a semi-sweet or dark chocolate. Idle Husband prefers a milk chocolate so he's not interested in eating them. I liked them because even though they're closer to semi-sweet, they don't have a bitter taste. With IH not eating them, I don't want to be tempted so I've frozen these and I'll chop them up the next time I decide to make chocolate chip cookies. I think they'd be perfect for that use!

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