Thursday, July 29, 2010

a cautionary tale

I've just been to hell and back. Let me put it this way:

hell = outside
outside = mosquitos
me outside = mosquito smorg

Or this way:

hell = outside
outside = 40 degrees in the shade
me outside = spontaneously combusting within 10 minutes

Or this way:

40 degrees in the shade + mosquito swarm = hell

Let me save you at least 20 minutes of agony until you manage to get yourself to a Canadian Tire for an emergency Off! purchase and tell you this: if you're not covered in something that has a deet content of 30% or more (sucks to be you, under 12s!), don't even bother going outside. Just don't. Unless you plan on being in your vehicle. In which case, don't roll down your window.

Here. I took a picture of them.
yes. they are flying mini mosquito sized helicopters. it's so they can deploy 12 soldier mosquitoes at a time. it's more efficient that way.


Lindsey @ Hot Polka Dot said...

Yeah, what is it with these mosquitoes? Is it all the rain we've been having or what? Everytime we stopped at a light last night we were getting eaten alive by ravenous mosquitoes. We would have rolled up the windows but of course we would have suffocated from the heat.

GALaxy said...

Yeah the rain and then the heat. They probably all just hatched. I was absolutely devoured on my walk yesterday. I don't like being covered in deet, but I've never been covered in mosquitoes either. Poison seemed like the most sensible option.