Sunday, July 25, 2010

what?! Don't tell me you missed it!

The lily show was this weekend! I can't believe you didn't know that! I guess I was one of the lucky few to have their mom email it to them this morning. (I'm still sorry we missed the rhubarb festival, mom! haha I'm not, actually.)

You know you really haven't lived until you've hung out in a seniors centre on a Sunday. You also haven't lived unless you've heard grandmas discussing the intricacies of one lily in 10 minutes or less (or probably more).

All joking aside, I wanted to go because I adore taking pictures of flowers. They're pretty and colourful and they'll stay still so you can take a hundred pictures of them from every angle (like a crazy person). And I'm a huge nurd cuz I loved it and I loved eavesdropping on the grannies, too.

And I'm not going to spare you a big spammy post of pictures. I loved every single lily there and pretty much took a picture of every single one of them. I want them all. In my garden. Right now.

Don't worry. I managed to get a grip on reality, so I've only picked out my most favourite pictures.

Just for you!

did they have these neat glass flower-like sculptures for the lily show? Who knows?!

I loved all the black and black tinted lilies

Idle Husband liked the orange and yellow based ones (I liked them, too)

it's like a creamsicle!

oh and the pinks and reds! How could we forget about those?

it looks like a strawberry!

I forgot to mention that these were all judged, but we kinda started to notice that everyone won something.

There're no losers in the lily society.

Here are some of the more interesting arrangements:

I like the idea of this, but I don't think the bowl was right for the execution.
I think a flower frog would have worked so much better.

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Anonymous said...

Knew you'd love this show--the pics are beautiful--and the lilies-can you just imagine these in your garden?