Friday, July 2, 2010

the day after

McDonald's vanilla cone and hamburger (doesn't the hamburger look appetizing?)

Yes; we did go to the Canada Day festivities at Millwoods Mall. We went early cuz Idle Husband wanted to get an ice cream cone. That tiny wish turned into an hour long search. Granted, we were pretty stupid because we forgot there was a McDonald's and a Dairy Queen (that might not have been open) close by. Again we didn't walk to the mall (which is always packed for this event), but I'm pretty sure with all the walking we did searching for ice cream and moving the car and walking from different parking spots, we might as well have just walked from home. Next year, we're definitely walking. I don't think you can get out of there any faster if you walk, but they had traffic cops this year directing everyone when to go. Which was...good, I suppose, but kind of a bummer when you're stopped at a green light and you still can't go.

Anyway, the fireworks were pretty good, and I actually got some decent pics. In some ways, I wish they'd start the show at 12 because it's really hard to get any picture that captures how amazing they are until it gets a little darker. My best pictures have always been the last 10 I take.

These aren't necessarily the best pictures I got, but I thought, for fun, I'd post a mix of some similar firework pictures from last night and last year. Can you tell the difference? I can only tell them apart from the file names.


Lindsey @ Hot Polka Dot said...

Ok your fireworks pictures are insanely better than mine! The entire show I was snapping pictures and they all pretty much suck because I'm dumb and didn't take my good camera.

GALaxy said...

That's why I was way more excited about it last year! My good camera actually has a fireworks setting and I had never tried it out before then. The good camera is essential for fireworks. There's no way I'd get anything with the one I usually carry around!

Lindsey @ Hot Polka Dot said...

Omg a fireworks setting! Genius! Mine has one of those motion settings, so I probably would have used that. When I was using the point and shoot digital camera the other night half the time it took some really nice pictures of tall weeds since the stupid flash was automatic. Grr flash.