Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Drumheller's for dinosaur lovers

Accordingly, Drumheller has a dinosaur around every corner and built into every building. I've always wanted to drive around and find all the dinosaur sculptures in town (some of them looked freshly painted this year), but it seems like such a daunting task. There's no map of where they all are (that I'm aware of) -- we could literally be driving around the town for hours. It might be worth it, though. When I stayed there for a month, the locals said there was a giant pterodactyl somewhere in town that flapped its wings and had glowing eyes.

I should have taken more towny pictures, but it didn't occur to me until now. I guess I've just been there so many times, everything becomes less touristy and more, oh yeah. I know about the dinosaur coming out of the wall of the IGA. Whatever. So sorry about that.

You must leave town with some sort of geode. I mean, you have to. It's part of the rules.

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