Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I was kinda lazy yesterday. I don't know why. I just felt so tired. Then around 3, I went outside to check out the globe thistle (which looks kinda terrible now. I missed it) and water the tomatoes (if they needed it) and suddenly, I had this rush of energy. Well, maybe not super energy, but I felt like working outside. The weather was so nice. Not too cool, not hot at all, not sunny, it was just really nice.
I found this very pitiful poppy growing in the lawn. No wonder it looks like hell. I've mowed over it all season. This is oddly the colour I used to have on the farm. I wonder where it came from.

Psyche! This isn't actually in my yard. It's from mom's yard (wuh wuhhh). I planted this clematis a couple years ago, and it's just blooming now. It's so pretty!

This is what's in my yard. Yay. Mystery flowers on a bush that can't even support it's own weight. Awesome. Earlier in the year, I decided not to trim this (like I usually do), and it ended up flopping over on to the lawn and surrounding area. I chopped it down pretty good yesterday. I'm kinda tired of trying to mow under its branches.

Those flowers above turn into these berries (which is another reason why the branches get so heavy). I have no idea what this plant is. I'm just going to assume I can't eat those. That's usually smartest.

I don't know what this thing is either, but the colour is fantastic. It's starting to turn red at the top. Or it was until I cut all those branches off.

From all my trimmings, I cut a few of the prettiest stems from my shrubs and put them in a vase. I thought that by the time I was done everything, all the bugs would get out and I could bring them in safely. I don't think I had them in the house for more than 30 minutes when I could see these huge bugs climbing up the stems (and I could see them from across the room). I have no idea what bugs they were, but they were gross. My cute little bouquet of red branches and berries got tossed out the door pretty quickly after that.

Oh and I replanted a few of our smaller day lilies as test subjects in the front where the junipers used to be. I was kinda nervous about doing it just because of the time of year (hence my taking the smaller baby ones), but I think it'll be easier on them with the weather being cooler right now. Especially since these came from a shady spot, poor things. They've never flowered because they weren't getting enough sun. If they take, they'll have more sun than they'll know what to do with.

So after I get all that planted and all my branches raked up and in bags, these stupid solicitors from Direct Energy caught me. I was sweaty and covered in Deet and dirt and they want me to get bills and talk to them. Sigh. I really hate that, you know? Can you not see I'm busy? I'm working here? I'm obviously too dirty to be going through a filing cabinet (and I'm kinda anal when it comes to Deet. Especially. I need to wash that poison off before I touch anything). Had I been in the house, I wouldn't have answered the door.

Scenes from today: 

Tell me, is it weird to take a picture of someone's underoos hanging to dry on a vine or is it weirder that that's part of the view in my backyard?

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