Thursday, August 12, 2010

substitution fail

with coconut and caramel sauce                        without                          

I whipped up some greek yogurt ice cream yesterday.
It's pretty tasty (and I like that it didn't make enough to feed an army), but it probably would have been better had I used actual heavy cream instead of the substitute (or had at least made the substitute properly).


It's pouring rain outside and I'm trying to decide what to do with myself. Normally, this would be a day I'd get myself on baking bread, but I already have two loaves crammed into the freezer and there's honestly no room for another two. I do have to make yet another flatbread recipe (will I ever find one good enough?!), but that gets cooked in my cast iron pan on the stove. I would really like to make panzanella sometime this weekend and I would also like to take another crack at that french bread recipe, so I could do that. But for some odd reason, all I can think about is pie.

I've never made pie from scratch before. Er. I mean. I've never made pie crust from scratch before. Which is kinda weird. I've made hand pies lots of times. I've made tart crusts. But never a pie crust -- and by that I mean the bottom, the filling, the top -- the whole shebang.

So I was thinking of making a strawberry rhubarb pie because I have a ton of rhubarb sitting around in my freezer (taking up space) and I bought another container of strawberries yesterday just cuz. But most of the recipes I've found have quick cook tapioca in the filling. I do not have quick cook tapioca on hand.

Then I had this brief jolt of excitement when I remembered one of my Domino magazines having a bunch of no bake pie recipes. So I ran downstairs and pulled every magazine that was between June-August. Amazingly, I actually kinda remembered which one it was when I saw the cover (it was their premier issue!) and there it was, in all its glory. Raw Strawberry Pie. Oh yum. Crust: 2 cups raw almonds; 1 1/4 cups pitted dates.

I have almonds, but I highly doubt I have two whole cups. I definitely don't have dates. Sigh.

Maybe I could sub in another crust! Graham cracker! I actually still have a bunch of graham cracker crumbs! But do I have 1 1/2 cups? Ummm maybe...but that's going to effect the whole taste of the pie and is it going to be as good? Maybe the crust should be almonds because that would hold up to strawberry juice seepage a lot better and wouldn't be as soggy, right?

Now I keep looking outside like, if I put on my converse sneakers my feet won't get too wet and I have a rain coat, so that's cool. I can just use my umbrella for in and out...and I'll just run to the store and get this stuff quickly. It won't take that long. Besides, like a stupid, I forgot to get garlic (because I'm still forgetting to get important things when I get groceries. Don't even ask me how I managed to get through a whole week without a stitch of tinfoil. I'm still shocked and amazed), so I should really just run back and get some because suddenly I'm like, three cloves left?! OMG! I want to put garlic in EVERYTHING, though!! What am I going to do?!

I just spent the last three minutes staring out the window...and I think I'm going to do it. I've stood in the shower. It's not so bad.

I just realized I must be coming across as quite nutty.
You live in the city. If you forgot to get something, just go back and get it.
heh. yeah.

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